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Private Blood Tests at Home for a Quick Home Check-up

When beginning your journey to better health, you need to be sure that you are getting professional advice and accurate results. We are a group of UK-based Consultants with over 30 years of experience in the medical sector who are passionate about creating an affordable and fast private blood test to help you monitor your health. We provide our services to people in Manchester, London & Nottingham.

Our customers having control of their health is paramount to us which is why we pride ourselves on being competitively priced and creating a process that provides 100% accuracy and fast results. 

Our Mission

Taking control of your health starts with you. We are proud to offer a wide range of tests to accommodate many kinds of symptoms a person may be experiencing. By becoming more aware of your health and having a deeper insight into what is going on in your body, it paves the way to better health.
From our research, we found that private blood testing companies in Manchester, Nottingham, London & all over the UK were overcharging for the services they were providing. We enable our customers to take charge of their health with our home blood test kits which enable you to receive a medical check-up at home via email. Simply take your private blood test kit to your nearest clinic and send it off in the post to us to receive your results by email.  


Female & Male Hormone Testing

Wanting to have a greater understanding of your hormones? Maybe you’re experiencing symptoms and want to find out more, or you simply find comfort in knowing what is going on inside your body – whatever it is, we are here to help. 
Our female hormone tests include a Well Woman Health Check, a Full Hormone Check, PCOS test, Fertility Test & Low-Sex Drive test. 
For men our male hormone tests are similar including a Well Man Health Check, a Full Hormone Check, Testosterone test & Low-Sex Drive Testing.
To see our full range of tests that we offer, follow the link here.

Other Health-Check Testing

We’ve taken out all of the medical jargon that you usually find when searching for a home blood testing kit and instead replaced it with simple and easy symptom and test choices so you can easily decide what is right for you. 
At Private Test For You, we understand how busy and stressful life can get and sometimes that can result in your health falling by the wayside. For example, if you’re feeling tired, worried about your weight gain, or worried that you may be suffering from anaemia, our private blood tests can help you find out if you need medical attention. Our at-home health checks give you the ability to easily go to the nearest clinic and get fast & accurate results. Find out more here about your nearest clinics in Manchester, Nottingham & London. 


Your blood test can be done in 4 easy steps...

  1. You

    Select your test and pay online

  2. We

    Send you the bottle and labels

  3. You

    Have the test and return the sample

  4. We

    Assess your sample and send you the results

What people say...

“This was so easy to do - highly recommended. My husband adores how easy and convenient this process was.”

Mrs S. Jones

“Getting my test through PrivateTestForYou was so easy and fast. Highly recommended!”

Mr A. Smith

“Being able to easily get the test I wanted gave me peace of mind. A thoroughly great experience.”

Mrs B. Robinson

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