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Who We Are: Find Out More About Who Our Work

Private Test for You are a UK based company.

We are UK based Health promotion team. We believe that each one of us must have a medical checkup at least once a year. Ideally twice a year.  Having a simple blood test regularly should be easy and quick. This helps you prevent disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer. This will help you change your lifestyle to improve your health. Your Health is the most valuable part of your life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you the patient to have the best private blood test cheaply and quickly to monitor your health. We will help you achieve this

If you are a private patient and need a blood test, we can Help you. If you are a patient who needs to monitor your health, we can help you with the blood test that is appropriate for you. We have made it easy for you to choose the best test for you according to your symptoms. For example, Tired or medical check or hormone check or anemia check. We took out all medical jargon and made it easier for you.

We work with the best Laboratories based only in the UK to provide you with the best possible Blood test either for you to monitor your health or your GP or consultant to help them manage your health. We do not provide medical advice. We recommend that you discuss your result with your healthcare practitioner.

We are in the UK

Our Medical advisors are UK based consultants in Medicine who continuously improve our service to ensure that you have the highest standards possible. Our consultants have 30 years’ experience in this field.

Once you order a blood test, we quickly dispatch to you the blood test bottles and details of the nearest clinic to you to have the test.  Once you have the blood test, you send it in the post to the laboratories  and we will organize for it to be processed quickly and send you the result by Email to share with your medical team.   

We cover most of the UK to ensure you have the best possible chance to help yourself now and prevent Diabetes Heart Disease and stay healthy to reduce your risk of Cancer.

Private Test for You Team

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