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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a selection of our most popular FAQ's below:

What happen to my blood sample after my test is complete?

The blood sample is destroyed immediately and never stored beyond 2 days.

How will my personal data be handled after the test is complete?

Your personal data is deleted after you have the blood test, and the result is sent to you. We do not store any data.

What happens If I have any questions about my blood tests.

We do not provide any clinical advice. We encourage you to take the results to your GP or consultant to discuss it with them. We only offer the laboratory service to do the test for you. We do not offer medical advice.

Will this test be added to my medical record?

No, this test is sent only to you to use it as you wish. We advise that you discuss the result with your healthcare professional.

How do I have the blood tests collected.?

  1. Only have the Test on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Avoid Thursday, Friday, Saturday  and Sunday 
  2. You will receive the blood test bottles in the post.
  3. You will receive a letter with the clinic address and Telephone number.
  4. Some clinics do not require you to book an appointment and some clinic will require you to book an appointment
  5. The clinic will need all the bottles and information inside the bottle box that you receive in the post.  So make sure you take it with you. No one else has this package except you.
  6. Then the clinic will take the sample and give you the package that has the bottles to post it back to us.
  7. Make sure you use priority Postboxes when you send the sample to the laboratories.
  8. To find out the Royal mail Priority box near you please use the Royal Mail service finder.
  9. We will then send you the result.

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